I've done some interviews with leading Scottish traditional musicians here which can help you get a better understanding of how they feel about it and what it means to them.

Here Roddy MacLeod MBE talks about his view of Scottish traditional music. Roddy is one of the very best pipers in the world and is the principal of The National Piping Centre in Glasgow.

Roddy MacLeod MBE on Scottish traditional music

For the fiddlers amongst you, Marie Fielding is one of Scotland's leading traditional fiddle players, and composers. Here she is talking about what Scottish traditional music means to her:

Marie Fielding on Scottish traditional music

Another fiddler, this time Shona Mooney from the Scottish Borders talks about how she approaches playing:

Shona Mooney on Scottish traditional music

Simon Thoumire is a leading composer and performer of Scottish traditional music, who has always been associated with the more innovative and hybrid end of the tradition. Here he explains a little about where he comes from musically and the state of the tradition today:

Simon Thoumire on Scottish traditional music

Ian Muir is known across Scotland and the world as a legend of the Scottish dance band tradition and has been playing the accordion professionally since he was a teenager. Here he reflects on his own conception of Scottish traditional music and how the dance band tradition has changed.

Ian Muir on Scottish traditional music